mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks
mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks


We have the weapon of mass communication that everyone has been searching for, and we’re not afraid to use it. If Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks are not a part of your media mix, your prospects may not know you’re out there. Let’s face it. People have more choices than ever today, and technology is evolving to make it easier and easier to block out advertising messages, in and out of the home. And competition is more intense than ever. Let’s take a look at what is out there and how it compares:

Television – Most metropolitan areas have three to four network affiliates, two to four local originating stations, and up to 200 or more cable channels to choose from. People have a lot of choices. It is very difficult ot pickt he right station or mix of stations to ensure that your message will be seen. Once your message is on the air, there is no guarantee that the people watching those stations are receiving it.

Radio – Radio provides an opportunity to reach an out of home audience, but again the impace is diluted due to the vast number of choices people have. There are shows that deliver demographically favorable audiences, but the cost to reach those audiences can be very expensive.

Newspaper – Newspapers provide a way to deliver a lot of detailed information and about a service or product. The downside is that many people who could be a great customer do not subscribe to the local newspaper, and many that do subscribe do not read the newspaper cover to cover, or skip over all advertisements entirely. Also, many newspaper ads are poorly written and constructed, giving the reader no compelling reason to stop and read them.

Billboards – The standard, static outdoor billboards do a good job of creating awareness when they are new and if they are in a great location. The majority of billboards are not in a great location, and all fade into the background as they age.

Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks – Over 100% coverage within geographic zones during four week measurement period, with 94% recall rate of Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks and 80% recall of advertising message. Reaches over 100% of coverage zone area because of the sheer number of people that come in and out of each zone during the course of a four week measurement period. With most zones anchored by major retail or commerce hot spots, the impact of Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks reach far beyond the physical confines of any one geographic zone, while saturating the people that live within the zone.

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