mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks
mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks


They laughed when they heard I started advertising in traffic, but when they saw my results . . .

The only thing that matters when you invest in advertising is the results that you see. That’s it. Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks provide opportunities not available with other forms of media, and provides a way to ensure that your advertising mix does not leave any segment of your market uncovered.

The exclusivity of Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks is one of the many things that you will not get with any other form of media. It is available to those advertisers that wish to dominate their industry. Exclusivity means that you will not see any of your competitors ads in your targeted zones. For those advertisers willing to make an even bigger commitment, total market exclusivity is available in selected cities. Market exclusivity means you will be the only company from your industry on any Big Flippin’ Ad Truck in your market.

People remember Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks because of the sheer size of the image, the motion, and frequency of images that flash before their eyes. Over the course of a typical five day business week, each Big Flippin’ Ad Truck drives it’s route for at least 50 hours, passing each point on the route approximately once an hour, or 50 times over the course of that week. It’s impossible not to see your message on the Big Flippin’ Ad Truck since it appears to be everywhere, all the time.

Imagine what might happen if your advertising message rolled up next to your prospects at the next traffic light.

With Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks, it happens all the time – that’s why Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks work so well. The repetition of the images drives recall. Recall drives results. When used as a vehicle to drive prospects or customers to a web site in response to a special offer, Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks can help support other marketing efforst that are underway.

By putting a special offer on your Big Flippin’ Ad Truck ad, you can easily track results and measure the impact that Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks are having on your business. We offer you a range of options and ideas on how to make sure that Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks deliver the results you want to see.

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