mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks
mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks


Finally, an advertising medium that renders the remote control and garbage can obsolete!

Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks are here, and they will take your advertising message to places it’s never been before.

Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks has access to a nationwide network of mobile advertising vehicles that deliver your message to a specific geographic zone that is determined by DOT traffic date. Each Big Flippin’ Ad Truck repeats a scientifically-designed, hour-long route a minimum of 10 hours a day, five days a week. And each Big Flippin’ Ad Truck is constantly monitored by an on board GPS system, ensuring your message blankets it’s coverage zone, and reaches your target audience.

People remember it because it is unforgettable

Each Big Flippin’ Ad Truck is equipped with 4 tri-image signs that rotate and change every eight seconds, commanding the attention of anyone in the vicinity. The motion action of the signs triggers something in your brain called the reticular activator. The reticular activator is kind of like the control panel of the brain. It is constantly on the lookout for anything that is different, unusual, or familiar.

The motion of Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks engage the reticular activator, grabbing attention. The changeable signs lock in your focus. The repetitive nature of the message presentation drives recall and effectiveness.

How effective is it?

94% of people recalled seeing the Big Flippin’ Ad Truck

80% recalled the message on the Big Flippin’ Ad Truck

Product Acceptance and Research

Here’s how it works

Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks use the latest traffic data from the department of transportation and local agencies to design routes through themost heavily traveled parts of metropolitan areas. A typical hour long (round trip) route covers approximately 20 miles.

The Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks fleet repeatedly travels these high-traffic commercial corridors from early morning drive time, through evening rush hour and beyond. Your message is seen repeatedly by drivers and pedestrians traveling in all directions, even in parts of town that don’t allow any form of road side advertsing.

The effect of this system and the frequency of impressions translates into coverage you just can’t get with any other form of media. And the people you reach may surprise you. Because of the saturation coverage provided within each zone, 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, a lot more people than those who live and work in that zone will see your message.

Changing the face of advertising every eight seconds. Try not looking at that!

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