mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks
mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks


Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks vs. Billboards

When they are new, billboards do a good job of creating awareness. Being in a great location can help, too. However, most billboards are not in a great location, limiting your message’s effectiveness. More problems can include:

Blocked visibility – Trees or other objects block motorists’ view
Traffic – Heavily traveled routes require drivers to keep their eyes on the road, preventing them from seeing your message.
Multiple billboards – block billboards positioned behind them.
Damaged boards – repairs may not take place for weeks or months
Blocked visibility – Trucks and other large vehicles obstruct visibility
Heavy competition – Store signs, traffic lights and signs and more compete for your message’s attention; Your billboard is one of thousands located around the city
Tri-vision billboards – Located in the best locations in town, these boards cost more than standard boards, and are usually sold out long into the future because of their prized locations.

Research proves that mobile outdoor advertising is over twice as effective as stationary outdoor media.

It usually requires several roadside billboards placed at strategic locations around town to equal the impact of one ad with Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks.

Big Flippin’ Ad Truck’s message, rotating motion and distinctive vehicle commands the driver’s attention, driving recall and effectiveness of your message.

Fade to black (and white)

A new billboard gets noticed, simply because new colors, a new message and a new design engages a driver’s senses, snapping them out of their thoughts.

As time goes by, the same message becomes familiar, no longer commanding the same attention as in the beginning. It has begun to “fade” into the background of the driver’s senses.

Finally, the message completely fades into the background of the driver’s mind, and is replaced by street signs, radio programs, or stop-and-go traffic.

Typical billboard is located at least 1,000 feet away from the motorist, and appears to be 4 inches high to the driver. Literally seconds later, the driver speeds pass your message, and the driver’s attention is focused elsewhere.

Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks’ message visually dominates the driver’s field of view – often for miles. Your message is viewed repeatedly, and never becomes just another sign on the horizon.

Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks vs. Television

Television advertising has captivated viewers for years, especially during the “prime time” hours. However, there’s more to this picture than meets the eye.

Living Room – Your TV advertisement may be running during prime time, but there is no guarantee that people are watching the correct station, or even watching television at all.

Bedroom – Children doing their homework, surfing the Internet or listening to music won’t see your ad. Or, they’re not even at home – their shecules include sports practice, band recitals, school functions and more.

Kitchen – As families sit down to their evening meals, your message frequently gets tuned out and turned off.

Who has the remote?

Your audience does, and they can use that power of choice to change channels, mute the audio of your message while waiting for their favorite show to return, or turn the television off completely.

Fast Fact: 97% - Number of U.S. Homes that own a DVD player or video game console – all advertising – free

TiVo anyone?

Most homes will have a Tivo TM or DVR (Digital Video Recorder) within the next few years, and most of them routinely skip the commercials. It is expected that TiVo commercial skipping will devalue TV advertising by over $27 billion per year by 2007* Source: Advertising Age, April 2005


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