mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks
mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks


Everybody’s talking about Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks. Here’s what they’re saying.

“Big Flippin Ad Trucks bring an entirely new dynamic, interactive way to market our station to our audiences and we love the success we’re having with Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks’ pinpoint marketing strategy.”
D. Cast – Promotions Director, KISS-FM & Univision Radio

“In the words of our customers, our Big Flippin’ Ad Truck ad is ‘unavoidably noticeable.’ It really grabs their attention and the growth in our business proves it. We plan to continue using Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks as a standard part of our advertising mix and recommend other businesses do the same.”
L. Otero, Sales Mgr. – Pitre Buick Pontiac GMC

"It is with much pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Southwest Mobile Media. In planning strategies for Pitre Automotive to reach the general public in more attractive and innovative ways, we decided to hire Southwest Mobile Media. As it turned out, our message was conveyed to people while they went about their normal daily activities and an increase in business was quite evident.

Furthermore, it caught people's attention easily. Customers who came by our store commended us on using such a new, fascinating tactic to advertise our company. Other customers commented that it was a moving billboard that was unavoidably noticeable.

The service that Southwest Mobile Media provided for us was outstanding. In addition, working with Mr. Varner was a delight. His attention to matters and people skills were superb. He also made sure that we were fully satisfied with the advertisement he provided for the company.

In fact, Pitre Automotive plans to continue conducting business with Southwest Mobile Media in the future and recommend them to companies that we carry business transactions with. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at (505) 898-1333. Thank you."
Larry P. Otero, Sales Manager, Pitre Automotive, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"I would like to recommend Southwest Mobile Media for the Mobile Billboard campaigns that they launched for Kiss-FM and Univision Radio. The planning and execution were on time and on target.

The use of Southwest Mobile Media has added an entirely new dynamic and, more importantly, an interactive way to market our station to our audiences. We are looking forward to working with Southwest Mobile Media and are quite pleased with the success of the pinpoint marketing strategy."
Devin Cast, Promotions Director, Hispanic Broadcasting Corporation, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks really work! I receive far more inquiries and business from my ad on the Big Flippin Ad Truck than I’ve ever gotten from standard billboard advertising. I attribute these positive results to the unique and effective way in which the unavoidable rotating motion of the Big Flippin’ Ad Truck captures the attention of my prospects. Southwest Mobile Media is really on to something and they will continue to be a part of Countrywide Home Loans’ advertising mix."
Jason Pike, Branch Manager 465, Countrywide Home Loans, Albuquerque, New Mexico

"Southwest Mobile Media and there Big Flippin Ad Trucks have overwhelmingly surpassed our expectations as for the marketing campaign they provided

Alan Varner owner of SWMM asked me what my expectations were for this campaign I told him I need 1 new customer a month. Well after one week I had 17 prospects and after 2 weeks I had 37 new prospect calls. This adverting has positively impacted my business by $21000 In less than a month. I immediately ask him to extend my contract to one year. Thank you for showing me a more affective way of reaching customers."
Leon Marler, Marler Manor

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