mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks
mobile advertising billboards outdoor ads on trucks


Routes and Zones and Maps, OH MY!

It’s really that simple. Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks network begins in your back yard, expands throughout your metropolitan area, and then extends across the country enabling you to take advantage of as much or as little of our route and zone system as you would like to get the coverage you need.

A unique blend of common sense and science.

We start with local Department of Transportation maps which tell us which streets have the highest traffic counts. Now, it doesn’t take a government study to let us know where the traffic is, but their numbers help us tweak our routes to assure that we capture the maximum potential audience. If local traffic patters change over time, Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks’ routes will also change to make sure that we are always delivering optimal coverage.

Targeted coverage or total coverage. Take your pick.
People that see your ad on Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks may think that you’ve bought a hundred ads all over town, but that’s simply because Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks does such a good job of delivering your message to your target audience. Take advantage of as much or as little of our zone system as you need to get the exact coverage you want.

In the zone.
Insurance industry date shows that most people drive almost exclusively within the same familiar area day after day. And we all use the same familiar roads to drive to work, or to go to a movie, or pick up a gallon of milk. Even though Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks operate only on selected high-volume commercial corridors, your message is taken home by viewers that live throughout a several mile wide area. This area is what we call a “zone”. Big Flippin’ Ad Trucks’ zone system gives you the ability to reach just the zone around your business location, or full market coverage by purchasing an ad in each zone throughout your local metro area.

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